Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's Always An Oompa to a Loompa.

Because you're worth the extra mile
Because you're worth the many smiles
There's no point in crying
Your lies, we're not buying.
Don't listen to your friends
Listen to your heart, it'll mend
For death isn't a solution
For the truth is an inspiration
To take that further step
Knowing you will not fall for a promise I have kept.

See the bird fly
see it soar
see its wings
the fragile beauties
that keep it up.
For a bullet
a shard of glass
a single pebble
will tear those wings
Those fragile beauties
that keep it up.
Then see the bird
dying upon the ground
pick up its wings
See the bird
watch its wings
turn to steel
For a wound will scar
For a scar will be forever
But a scar is only a memory
And a memory can only hurt
if you let it become
part of your reality.

If only you knew
why you were so blue
If only you remember
who you once were
Then things wouldn't be so complicated
Your heart wouldn't feel so violated
And the tears that fell
would all be well
The blood you saw
Your skin so raw
Would be the past
With joy that lasts.

Nobody will help until you're willing to help yourself.

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